Friday, January 25, 2013

Rise at the Republic Day : Beginning of Rising

Today is one of the great day in the history of India. Its about a month for the new year and new people and events are seen rising. People are getting the knowledge what they could not get so easily in 1950. Is our condition better than those at that time. Have our ancestor's blood and sweat truly paid off? 

          Many would say NO but a few including me would say YES. There are still some people who work their life off with true dedication and make the country prosper. Our ancestors sure did know that our country would never thought that our country would be a "SAAF SUTRI" (fully clean and corruption free) but what they expected was that even if not all ,some would work truly and make the wheels of our country move forth like  the ashoka chakra . This is my first post and I hope to post more .

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